The 1 ml pre-filled CBD 350mg cartridges by Funky Farms are a great way to discreetly and quickly consume your well-deserved CBD.

We have great flavors such as gelato, lemon cake, frosty watermelon OG, and granddaddy purple!

Try out our new flavor: THIN MINT!

Which is which? FIND OUT BELOW!

Indica: Granddaddy Purple

Sativa: Lemon Cake

Hybrid: Frosty Watermelon OG, Gelato, Thin Mint

Product Facts:

-350mg CBD Cartridge made from USA Grown Industrial Hemp

-Lab tested-Check QR Codes!

-Full Spectrum Distillate

-Full Terpene Profile

-Universal 510 threading

-Wickless Ceramic Coil

(This product does not contain a battery).

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Natural Terpenes


Choose A Flavor

Frosty Watermelon OG, Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, Lemon Cake, Thin Mint


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