Meet Bluumpod! It is a fully disposable CBD vaporizer. This unique little pod offers an all in one, charged battery and full 1ml CBD cartrigde, in a sleek and slim form factor that packs a punch and is always ready to go. Good for +200 puffs without ever needing a recharge. Filled with organic vape juice infused with pure, high grade CBD extract and available in 4 flavors!

There’s never been a more convenient and easy way to consume your CBD. Enjoy a puff on this handheld all-in-one component! Infused with 100mg of pure isolate CBD, just open the box, unwrap the device, and get your well-earned CBD – no other devices necessary!

Instructions: Simply remove the silicone grommet from mouthpiece, and inhale! Inhaling CBD allows for rapid absorption, making it the perfect solution when you need to act fast.

Each pod provides 100mg of CBD, alongside other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC and CBG.

Flavors: Mint, Berry, Kush, Mango

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Berry, Mango, Mint, OG Kush


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